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i put the ICE in nice

1/11/14 12:45 am - TIO ÅÅÅR

oh hej LJ!!
vi har varit bundiz i tio år förihelveteeeeee

grattis baby baby baby

vad har inte vi gått igenom för patetik och tramz <3

1/26/10 09:59 pm - kisskiss

this is the only thing you need to know
yes, we loves!

1/8/10 03:36 pm - *hets*

omg is it complicated to make cd-compilations to someone you admire or what?!

10/5/09 10:24 pm - when powermetal holds the truth

What if the light
Shines in darkness my friend

varma känslor, sa jag det, varma!
som när man dricker whisky.

warm feelings, i said, warm!
like drinking down whiskey.

9/26/09 02:56 pm - this isn't over 'til i say when

i have a new crush.
i think he think he's an artist.
he wore a striped sweater with many colors, and he wore blue pants. he had pretty hair.
and i saw in his eyes that he really was an artist.
his gaze was intense, almost staring.
that's how you know.

i wore a little black dress. and i was tired beyond tired.
and so sweaty.
never have i been to a hotter place than that.
slightly charming though. next time, i will have to bring my own fan.

9/7/09 10:08 pm - age ain' nothing at all

i'm breaking up with age

and i've also reached another conclusion;
there isn't a "happy ending",
[lycka/lyckas gör jag också slut med, det tarvar sitt eget inlägg på svenska förmodar jag]

i'm saying this in the most optimistic way ever.
i think i realized this as i was watching the "minuscule"-dvd and matmos was talking about the term "you've MADE it!".
they were like, "made what"?
what would this "made it" consist of?
a big house?
a happy boyfriend?
beeing the successful artist?
a life with no downhills? only smooooth lushness?
would this bore me?
would this scare me?

i like the bad in life
i like the threats
they tire me.
but i have to have them.

(p.s. i reallyreally would like to have the house and the happy boyfriend, the artsy life. but it's not the happy ending)

8/31/09 02:22 pm - change of heart-el perro del mar

hmm. what went on these past few days?
i'm still hungover from saturday's immense consumtion of pure liquor.
i tried to comfort my soul with some björk-ness.
didn't she do this all the time. get seriously drunk with someone on the floor?

8/24/09 01:04 am - joan joan joan

ibland ser jag på tv. rätt sällan numer, men ja.
först såg jag en aki kaurismäki-film, tatjana.
sen ramlade jag rakt över mad men igen.
och man bara "oh, joan!"
först är det jobbigt. det här med firefly.
men sen blir det så bra.
och man tänker;
hur ska vi kunna applicera detta på jobbet?
strut-bh och gördlar och avancerat hår.

det är svårt att ha avancerat hår vid på och avkoppling av lok och vagnar.
det är svårt att ha avancerat hår när du ska koppla värmekabel.
och om det samtidigt ösregnar
är det ännu svårare.
sen är det svårt när du inte har möjlighet att få håret lagt hos salong innan jobbet. och om det är runt 25grader och handdatorn jävlas med en.
perfekt hår och makeup under sådana omständigheter är tufft.

kan tanken på sina trevliga underkläder trösta då?

an example

7/16/09 07:39 pm - laundry and love and salt

spinach-soup for dinner.
laundry and a mixed tape.
early to bed and hurry tomorrow.
then it's the annual summer2weeks in lapland <3
i need that, i really really do.

7/2/09 07:12 pm - oh damn

i was thinking i was calm and cool, but apparently i wasn't at all.


all i wanna do now is eat yoghurt/smoothies, nectarines and/or dark chocolate (with tea)
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